José Couprie Photographie de voyage Macadam PixelsI am José Couprie. Traveler for several years, I developped my passion for photography during my adventures around the world.

With my second-hand Pentax K20D, I’m trying to capture some people’s life moments. Sometimes short, sometimes deeper. Photography means to me a priviligied vector to create contact. A smile, a glance, luckly an history. My 18-55 mm lens requires me to be close enough  to my subjects. I also love nature, architecture and markets.

Self-made man, I am learning the art of photography “on the job”. My wish is to picture the beauty and the poetry of our world, against the mass media information. And denonciate its failures as well, against my moral values. This website is an opportunity for me to show you my work,  through a small window on my journey.

I will be happy to hear from you, about new projects, comments or critics.

You can also follow me on the road and for some photographic surprises on Facebook.


Jose Couprie