Silk Dreams

Along the Silk Road, I will cross some historic cities and some of the most beautiful landscapes of Central Asia. This journey, in the footsteps of the old commercial caravans, I have dreamed it for many years. So, I naturally called this first photographic project Silk Dreams. Then, for many of us, do not names such as Kashgar, Samarkand, Tehran or Istanbul have a certain oneiric power ? Do not they stimulate our imagination ?

Between contrasts, colors and poetry

In these series of photos, I will try to convey to you the feelings I had in contact to these cities, populations and cultures that have been forged in the past centuries. Beyond its commercial function, the Silk Road has fostered cultural exchange. Of course, today, the situation is quiet different from the days of camels caravans. However, traditions are still well anchored and it is still easy to imagine returning to oldest periods. By working on contrasts and colors, I hope to give some poetry through my photos.

Xi'An Silk Road Silk Dreams Macadam Pixels
kashgar silk rod silk dreams macadam pixels
kyrgyzstan silk dreams silk road macadam pixels
The Kyrgyzstan
tajikistan silk dreams macadam pixels
The Tajikistan

To finish this journey, I would like to make a selection of my best shots of these different series and propose to exhibit them. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me.

To follow me on my journey, you can also find the Silk Dreams project on Facebook.