Welcome to Macadam Pixels

The beauty of the world is perfect only in the eyes of the traveler. Macadam Pixels is a print, a reproduction of this world engraved in cultures and landscapes that I discovered through the journey.

From cliches to cliches, I invite you to look to a new horizon of diversity, respect and enthusiasm. I invite you to look into the prism of my lens, to discover humanity, certainly imperfect but high in color, flavors and happiness …

Silk Dreams, my first photos report on the Silk Road

Silk Dreams is a photographic project to meet people and landscapes on the mythical Silk Road. Certainly, this project is close to my heart, because it is the culmination of two passions and my first step in the creation of a photo report. I would like all those who are on this page to follow me to this new adventure. An adventure, which will hopfully lead us to other mythical roads !

Silk Dreams
Silk Dreams

Let us follow the footsteps of the old caravans, many historic cities that mark the way, and smiles that make the beauty of the world.


If you want to follow this adventure in french, you can visite the excellent website of my travelmate Astrid.